Surface Grinding

When it comes to Surface Grinding, we offer three excellent options:

  • 10 Traditional, traverse grinding machines with the capacity to hold tolerances of 0.0001” and 0.0001” flatness & parallelism.
  • 3 Stahli Double-Disc machines that simultaneously grind the top and bottom of parts while holding flatness & parallelism to 0.0001″. These machines are capable of producing a high volume of parts with stock removal 10 times faster than traditional grinding.
  • 2 Blanchard rotary grinders that can hold parts up to 36” in diameter while holding a tolerance of 0.0002”.

Featured Solution

Our Stahli DLM-705 double-disk grinders have the capability to grind at rates 10 times faster than manual machines.

Featured Solution

Aggressive Grinding Service, discusses important parameters for the grinding of advanced ceramic materials.
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