Machining Capabilities

3 & 4 Axis

Aggressive Grinding Service has both 3 & 4 Axis machining centers. Our machining centers are set up with multiple vises to help machine production parts accurately and efficiently. With 3 & 4 Axis machining centers, parts can be machined in as little as one operation, which reduces time and cost.


Aggressive Grinding Service has various types of lathes for manufacturing your machined parts. Our lathes are capable of holding tight tolerances on large production runs or single prototype pieces. We have four axis lathes that can turn, bore, thread, groove, knurl, drill, and tap your machined parts. We have dual spindle lathe with live tooling capable of completing parts in a single run.

Aggressive Grinding Service can import your Para-Solid 3D image files, .IGES, .DXF, .STP, .SLDDRW, .SLDPRT or other SOLIDWORKS files.

Our machining equipment includes:

  • Haas CNC lathe
  • Haas CNC mill
  • Okuma CNC lathe
  • Okuma lathe
  • Hardinge lathe
  • Bridgeport Drill Press